In just 35 years, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities. In Australia, nearly 90% of people already do. Continual urban growth is putting pressure on the infrastructure ecosystems supporting communication, energy & electricity, transportation, accessibility, health services, food & water and so on.

Schneider Electric collaborated with the next generation of movers and shakers in May 2017 to participate in building smarter cities. We are proud of the solutions which came together. Technology forms part of solving this puzzle and digitisation in particular is changing the anatomy of our lives – whether at work, home or at play.

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Data management

Collect, manage, share, forecast, and intelligently create effective strategies and response plans


Create a solution which can drive a sustainable city through reduced energy consumption


Using data, come up with a way to create a personalised experience in the workplace

Overall Winner
TEAM: My Spot

Real-time rail congestion management - A system that helps rail users to identify carriage occupancy in real time to improve the travel experience.

Live Winner

An app to facilitate communication on medical information between a patient and their personal support network.

Work Winner
TEAM: Breaking Good

Feedback Tracker - An interactive feedback platform in real-time through an everyday habit at work.

Play Winner
TEAM: Pulse

Last Mile Analytics - Data on pedestrian movements during the 'last mile' of travel into the city, and general movement of pedestrians around the city.

TEAM: Something & Co.

Going My Way - Leveraging exiting public transport and the community to move small packages from one location to another. From doing this we can ease freight congestion.

TEAM: MedMatch

MedMatch - An application that enables patients aged 65+ to stay on top of their repeated scripts. It also provides a pharmacy based rewards system to engage patients and encourage them to manage their medication dosage and times better.

TEAM: ShareMyWay

ShareMyWay - An app which connects people wanting to commute together in the same direction as an on-demand service.


REAL.HAPPY - a dashboard that provides real-time data on the mood of your customers or employees through facial recognition.


DEEP - An App that drives deeper engagement between staff with their own core values and align them with the values of the company

TEAM: Future Transport, Future Work

Future Transport, Future Work - Policies to incentivise companies to introduce compressed work weeks.

TEAM: HealthI

HealthI - A database platform consolidating a patient’s up to date medical history accessible by both the patient and Healthcare provider.

TEAM: Move Green

Move Green - Supporting the development of NorWest rail link by providing a solution for the first and last mile of commutes leveraging the cycle ways of the Hills district using electrical assisted bikes.

Talks by

Todd Sampson

Todd Sampson

Adventurer, Award-Winning Documentary Making, TV Presenter and businessman
Adam Beck

Adam Beck

Founding Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand.
Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Lead UX Instructor - Academy Xi

Learn from

Naveen Krishnasamy

Naveen Krishnasamy

Writer and Editor, and Performance Poet, Founder of Quest/Labs
Angela Bee Chan

Angela Bee Chan

Founder of Hackathons Australia and Marketing Manager Schneider Electric.
PK Rasam

PK Rasam

Entrepreneur in Residence at Blue Chilli
Johanna Pittman

Johanna Pittman

Program Director of City Connect at Blue Chilli

Pitch to

Preeti Bajaj

Preeti Bajaj

VP of Strategy and Transformation at Schneider Electric
Colette Grgic

Colette Grgic

Chief Innovation Officer at Blue Chilli
Gareth O’Reilly

Gareth O’Reilly

Zone President of ANZ at Schneider Electric
Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter

Entrepreneur and Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A Hackathon is an internationally used and recognized term for a competition where people come together and make a tangible product or solution over the allocated time period.

What does this have to do with the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit?

Schneider Electric is holding an Innovation Summit with a number of events lined up in the week of May. As part of the Innovation Summit they are holding a Hackathon, to enable the future of smart cities.
For more information on the Innovation Summit

What is the agenda?

The Hackathon is a 2-day event.
On Monday morning, the thought leaders will outline the current situation in Australia with the theme of ‘Smart Cities’. Problem statements will be presented and participants form teams around their interests.
During the hackathon we’d expect teams to be mentored and develop real life solutions. On the second day we’ll have an executive judging panel and present the winners during the Innovation Summit Closing Ceremony.
Participants are encouraged to also go to the Innovation Summit to listen to speakers and learn about technologies.

When is the Hackathon held?

Monday – Tuesday, 8-9 May, 2017.
Day 1: 9am – 9pm
Day 2: 9am – 2pm
Pitches will begin at 2pm sharp. The public are invited to attend.

Where will this Hackathon be held?

Day One
Blue Chilli
125 York Street, Sydney

Day Two
Hilton Sydney
488 George Street, Sydney

We recommend you catch public transport. It’s a 2 minute walk from the station and we will not be providing parking.

Who can come?

Anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to participate. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, lawyer, academic, engineer, freelancer, we want anyone to come and participate.

What if I don’t have a team?

The beauty about hackathons is the ability to meet new people and to work with them.
We call it the Minimal Viable Team (MVT).
Hustler – Sales, marketing, project coordinator
Hipster – User experience, designer
Hacker – programmer, engineer
We need a variety of people with diverse skillsets to come and form a mix of teams.

What should I bring?

Your laptop, power outlets and your creativity!! We will supply food, drinks and snacks.

Who owns the Intellectual Property afterwards?

You own what you make. #opensource

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